Waldron Public Schools Bus Driver Engaged in Online Activities

Waldron Public Schools Bus Driver Engaged in Online Activities

Waldron Public Schools Bus Driver Engaged in Online Activities

John Luttrell, a bus driver for Waldron Public Schools has engaged in a public smear campaign against a well known veteran.  Luttrell’s activities includes the publication and dissemination of information found on scam websites with claims that the veteran is a scammer.  Continuing to republish false information against someone is libel and gives rise to any consideration of litigation.

John Luttrell-bus-driver
John Luttrell, Waldron Public Schools Bus Driver

con-artist-websitesLuttrell has continuously posted online false information that makes claims that Thomas Hudson, known online as The Walking Veteran.  The comments by Luttrell are made on post concerning Justice For Fred Potter.  This activity has continued and in attempt to attack the messenger for the message.

The facts of the Justice For Fred Potter case are compelling and speaks volumes to the nature and scope of an injustice done to a Korean War veteran.  Everyone is invited to review the court documents and articles published to determine for themselves as to the validity of the facts.

The scam websites that portraits Hudson as a scam artist and a criminal are  false and the product of a group of veterans, including a felon, who use the sites to raise money for personal gain.  The websites had included information that is false and damaging to many innocent veterans.

Scott Allen Hughes, Felon and leader of scam websites
Scott Allen Hughes, Felon and leader of scam websites

A definition of a scam artist is: “A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value. Scams traditionally resided in confidence tricks, where an individual would misrepresent themselves as someone with skill or authority.

Thomas Hudson has used his life in an effort to help veterans.  He is the founder of a respected veteran’s organization Veterans March.  The organization gained notoriety with the work with veterans and VA employees (whistle-blowers) to expose corruption in the VA and to lobby for change.

Hudson has met with on numerous occasions with governors, mayors, state legislators, US Senators, members of congress, cabinet secretary and even with presidents.  He has gone beyond the call of duty and has arraigned meetings with governors and other dignitaries for young people who inspire to make a difference.

Hudson, along with his staff of volunteers,  has also helped with other people to set up non-profit organizations using his personal finances and organizational expertise without expectations of anything in return.  He is also a member of the board of directors for several organizations.

John Luttrell Facebook Message“The idea that I have worked with all of these people as seen on WalkingVeteran.com , two radio shows, weekly newspaper colums and being a scam artist is just unbelievable to comprehend that a retired Air Force Master Sergeant would continue to smear a fellow veteran with fake garbage.  The work that I do for others and with my involvement with Veterans March, no one can make a claim that I or we have ever charged, solicited or accepted any money for the work we do.  He (Luttrell) can better serve his fellow veterans by getting involved with helping them ratter than wasting his time and embarrassing his family with attaching the messenger.  I have been attacked by so many people with fake information about me from my days of protesting senior citizens rights, children protection issues, animal rights, and veterans.  By taking a high profile in these causes it invites people who have intentions, other than helping with the cause, to fulfil their personal agenda.  It goes with the territory and my resolve to continue to work for change is much stronger than what they dish out.  I have tried to contact M. Luttrell but without any success,” Hudson said.

Find John Luttrell on Facebook:  john.luttrell.75

For more information about Hudson visit WalkingVeteran.com